Abou Us

Who Are We?

We are an online fruits and vegetables ordering service, we offer a wide variety of vegetables and fruits including tropical fruits and different types of wild berries, we also offer some kinds of herbs, dried fruits, honey, and ready to use vegetables. We offer our services through mobile apps for Android, iPhone, iPad, and windows, and also through desktops.

Fruitjo was found in November 2020 by Al-Hallaq and Al-Bawaliz who are the owners and managers of the company.

We are based in Jordan and operating across different regions in the Capital Governorate and Al-Zarqa.

Why Fruitjo?

Fruitjo makes it easier for customers to order all kinds of fruits and vegetables they need quickly and completely while staying at home, offering some hard to get types of fruits and vegetables, ensuring that all products are with the best quality and best price, providing an easy to use application to search through all kinds of fruits and vegetables without the need to go out, and allowing customers to choose the time period they prefer for their orders to be delivered.

Contact Us

Al-Hallaq and Al-Bawaliz (Fruitjo)

Email Address: support@fruitjo.com

Landline number: 062220830

WhatsApp Number: +962790011210

Address: Tariq Street, Tabarbour District, Next to Tarek Post Office

P.O. Box: 926691, Amman 11190 Jordan


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